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Long time and nothing new

2011-09-13 02:47:44 by shidabeeda

So like always I'm falling behind on everything (literally) I've been making a few dress ups here and there but I really want to make a gamers game, sigh. I need a collab project asap and one that I'm allowed to have freedom of creativity not just set in stone stuff.

Im Back

2009-07-02 22:22:05 by shidabeeda

Im back on newgrounds! The art portal here has caught my attention and i would like to share my art with game developers as well as learn to make my own games (other than dress ups), so if you like my art please fave. or have any helpful tips for me feel free to comment :)


2008-09-15 15:53:30 by shidabeeda

Ok so i'll be uploading art very soon
other art account
my deviantart accont